About Us

The Loom

The Loom has pledged to divulge itself into the venture of reflecting the ethnic beauty of Kashmir at its best. It embodies in itself an intrinsic fibre of art and artifacts that reflect the raw beauty of Kashmir in its designs.

The Products

Products made by The Loom are made from the finest quality of pashmina/cashmere intricately crafted to perfection by the most skilled artisans of Kashmir woven with love for every occasion or no occasion at all. The high quality and sustainability of these products mean that you can pass them down to generations while retaining their essence.

The Artisans

The Loom also focuses to empower the local artisans by providing them with opportunities that would help them be recognized internationally. The artisan community of Kashmir is rich with an exceptional know how of traditional art, but they lack the access to global market. We plan to bridge this gap and provide the artisans all the requirements to showcase their collections which brim with grace and grandeur. Our endeavour is aimed at creating a better life for each artisan, his family and helping them to a secure future. Our relations with artisans are based on fair trade, ethical business practices and provision of a safe environment.


Cashmere demands a precision that is beyond many. And that’s why only a few businesses have been able to survive in the industry.

Pashmina Making is an exquisite art of hand-weaving finest cashmere wool into luxurious pashmina shawls, scarves and accessories. The Loom has emerged as one of the trusted brands globally and is well known for its quality and authenticity of Pashmina making. The heavenly opulence and delicate texture of pashmina with rich hand embroideries or complex weaves have been an integral part of our business.